Breast Cancer Care

The most experienced breast surgical team in Central Texas.


We offer the highest-quality comprehensive breast care in a supportive, compassionate, professional, and educational environment.

Austin Cancer Center is proud to offer multidisciplinary oncology clinics for our patients at our Central and North Austin locations. Because each of our patients is unique, we offer coordinated treatment planning with our on-site medical team of breast surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, an oncology nurse navigator, and a genetic counselor.

Austin Cancer Center is the only location in Central Texas to offer residents positron emissions mammography (PEM), a breakthrough breast imaging technology that enables our physicians to see cancers as small as the width of a piece of rice. And when that plan includes lumpectomy, we are able to provide AccuBoost, an accurate and reliable image-guided radiation delivery system that allows your radiation oncologist to target your dose precisely to where it needs to go, while minimizing the side effects of the radiation.

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