Nurse Navigation

We are here to help, every step of the way.

Our oncology nurse navigator provides individualized help and guidance to each patient, connecting people with resources and coordinating the scheduling of imaging and treatment, so our patients can focus all of their energy on achieving a winning outcome.

What is an Oncology Nurse Navigator?
Oncology Nurse Navigators are the clinical professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to support the cancer patient, their family and other caregivers throughout the entire cancer experience. Our goal is to improve the quality and consistency of cancer care for patients facing a breast cancer diagnosis.

Our Oncology Nurse Navigator has the knowledge and ability to:
– Facilitate and expedite new appointments and the scheduling of diagnostic studies and biopsies
– Collaborate with and coordinate communication between patients, caregivers and healthcare providers
– Streamline patient appointments and paperwork
– Provide educational and emotional support to newly diagnosed patients regarding the disease process and treatment options
– Address patient physical, emotional and practical concerns surrounding treatment
– Provide appropriate resources and referrals based on patient need

Why Use Oncology Nurse Navigator Services at Austin Cancer Center?
Simply put, experience matters. With more than 24 years as a certified oncology registered nurse in Austin’s oncology community, Gina Kuenstler is an invaluable resource to our patients.
She bridges the cancer treatment information gap and connects our patients with valuable resources to address their physical, emotional, and practical concerns throughout their treatment journey and into survivorship. She works to ensure coordination of patient care by facilitating ongoing communication among members of the multi-disciplinary team, including oncologists, radiation oncologists, breast and reconstructive surgeons.