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Posted by Katelyn Moore | January 3

Congratulations to our Austin Top Doctors of 2019

We are thrilled to congratulate our Austin Top Doctors, Radiation Oncologists Dr. Ghafoori and Dr. Rivera. It makes us proud to call them our colleagues and we know this recognition is well deserved. Great work team!   Read more ›

Posted by Katelyn Moore | September 13

Supplements for Cancer Patients-Tumeric the Spice of Life

Learn how to incorporate turmeric into your holistic care routine and how this powerhouse plant can benefit you during cancer treatments. Schedule an appointment with an alternative medicine physician today! Turmeric: The Spice of Life Read more ›

Posted by Katelyn Moore | September 13

Proper Diet and Nutrition for Cancer Patients

There are many diets out there, but cancer patients need specific nutrition to achieve a successful treatment. In this article, Dr. Matthew McCurdy explains the simplicity and effectiveness of the Anti-Inflammation Diet. As an Integrative Oncologist, Dr. McCurdy always recommends… Read more ›

Posted by Katelyn Moore | September 13

Integrative and Holistic Medicine for Cancer Patients Should Include Yoga-read why!

Dr. Matthew McCurdy, Austin Cancer Center’s Integrative Medicine Oncologist shares his passion for yoga with cancer patients and survivors. Holistic medicine and alternative medicine should include a healthy exercise routine, and yoga provides many benefits. Take a look at his… Read more ›