What Makes Us Different

We know that you have a choice in your cancer care, and we are privileged that you chose us. You can rest assured in knowing that our team of board certified physicians are highly equipped with the latest tools, and technologies to assist you and achieve optimal outcomes in your journey.

We also know that machines and technology are not enough to earn your trust, and they certainly shouldn’t. We operate as a team, a team full of heart, compassion, and synergy. Our loving staff has been hand selected, not only for their medical expertise but because of their drive, compassion and dedication. After forty years, Austin Cancer Center has grown to serve you at our multiple locations and has continued to add specialties to offer complete care. Our entire structure has been built with only patients in mind.  Two words describe our team the best, “Compassionate” and “Comprehensive.” Learn more about what makes our practice the right decision for your medical needs.

Access to the Best Care

At Austin Cancer Center, we have access to the same medications, tools and technologies that leading institutions utilize in their cancer care. In fact, we exceed standard care and strive to constantly improve the care that we provide. It is a common misconception that better care exists in other parts of the country or at research-based hospitals such as M.D. Anderson. Often at other institutions, patients are not seen by board certified physicians, but by students. The patients may also receive inconsistent care because they are seen by many different physicians rather than having a designated team who knows and develops a personal connection to their patients. We can guarantee that each patient will be seen by a board certified physician, and have consistent access to our entire team of highly trained physicians, nurse practitioners and medical staff. We offer low physician to patient ratios to make sure that we have adequate time to take care of your medical needs and provide you with the attention you deserve. Austin Cancer Center participates in many clinical trials, but should another institution offer something we do not, we are happy to coordinate care and make sure you have a chance to receive treatments that could be beneficial. Our goal is always to treat you with the best care, close to home.

Multidisciplinary Approach

Many of our offices are designed to be a “one-stop shop” where you can meet your medical oncologist and our other specialists to speed up communication and create efficiency and convenience for you. Because our physicians rub elbows with each other on a daily basis, they are able to create a comprehensive treatment plan for you and remain in constant communication throughout your treatment, making sure you are on track to achieve optimal outcomes.

Our specialties include:

  • Breast Surgery for both malignant and benign disease
  • Hematology- treating disorders of the blood such as anemia
  • Medical Oncology
  • Gynecological Oncology
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Cyberknife
  • Neuro-Oncology
  • Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
  • Immunotherapy
  • Accuboost

48 Hour Promise

We know that the hardest time for a patient can be those long hours in between their diagnosis and receiving care. We aim to shorten that duration by making new patients a priority. Our goal is to see patients within 48 hours from their referral date.

Close to Home

Austin Cancer Center has multiple locations, strategically placed throughout Greater Austin to provide you with the best care, near home. During cancer treatments, it is common for patients to have to visit their oncologists on a weekly, or even more frequent basis. Having locations near home means less stress, less exposure to harmful germs, less travel expense, and less time away from work. We never want you to experience cancer alone, and being close to home also allows you to make your family and caretakers a part of your journey – making more time to spend with them, and allowing them to keep you company during treatments.

Patient Support Services

Our team has created a patient portal where you can request appointments, view medical records and contact the patient services team. We also have educational resources that will help you better understand your disease and learn how to manage your symptoms.

Financial Counselors

If you are uninsured, or experiencing financial difficulties, please let our financial counselors work with you to educate you on resources available. We work with many cancer care resources that will make accommodations for your needs. If we cannot do it ourselves, we will make sure you get the care you deserve. Our experienced counselors know the ins and outs of medical insurance and fight the battles for you.

Taking Nearly All Insurance

We are proud to accept nearly all insurances, both commercial and government issued. We never want insurance to create a barrier between you and your cancer care. See a complete list of the types of insurance we take.

Our staff is available for your questions Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm by calling (512) 505-5500. You may also use our Schedule an Appointment form to request an appointment or ask additional questions. We look forward to serving you.