Health Information Management (Medical Records)

How to get your records sent to your Austin Cancer Center provider

New Patients

If you have been referred to Austin Cancer Center by another doctor they will usually send at least the last office note along with the referral. Our Health Information Management team may also request additional information from your referring doctor’s office.

Self-referred patients please let our Scheduling team know of any biopsies, outside specialists, recent tests or imaging, or hospital stays so that we can obtain complete records in plenty of time. This will ensure that your first visit with us is as productive as possible.

In some cases we may need to contact you in order to ensure that all necessary records and images are received before your first visit. This happens most often with records from sources outside of Texas, records and imaging performed at Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities, or if the outside office requires your signed authorization in order to send records to us.

If we need your help in gathering medical records from another office we may ask that you sign an authorization form to allow them to send records to us. 

We do not currently have a way to import/receive records directly from MyChart or other patient portals.

Current Patients
If you have had testing, imaging, procedures, or hospital visits since your last appointment please let the hospital or office know that you would like them to send your records to Austin Cancer Center.

They can fax records to your doctor’s clinic location or to Health Information Management (512-334-2702).

We also encourage you to let your ACC clinic team know when you have tests or hospital visits so that they know to expect records.

Incoming records FAQ

I have copies of my records with me. Can I bring those instead?

Your safety and privacy are important to us! Please help us ensure that all records are matched to the correct patient by including your name, date of birth, and the date of the document on each page of paper records or correspondence that you would like us to scan into your chart. 

You are welcome to fax, mail, email, or drop off outside records for your Austin Cancer Center provider to review. If you’d like to do this please let our Scheduling team know & one of our Health Information Management team will contact you to coordinate this so that records are available to your ACC provider before the appointment.

If you’d like to provide your own records we ask that you provide records about 1 week prior to your appointment date so that your team has adequate time to obtain additional information if needed.

I have records on a flash drive/USB drive. Can you put them in my chart?

We cannot accept records on USB drives for security reasons. If you would like to email records or upload them to us securely just let your Scheduler know. A Health Information Management team member will reach out to you to arrange this.

I brought or mailed you records to place in my chart. Will I get them back? How?

If would like us to return CDs or paper records that you provided please let us know when you drop them off/mail them to us. We will need to know how you would like them returned (mailed to you, held for pickup at your next appointment, etc.).

Why do you need my outside records?

We want to make sure that your doctor has complete and up to date information so that he or she can evaluate and treat you. Reviewing office notes, lab tests, imaging and pathology from your other doctors helps to provide a complete picture of what has brought you to see us.

How do you get my records? Do I need to sign a release?

In most cases HIPAA allows a doctor or hospital who has treated you to share information directly with another doctor or hospital who will be treating you. Therefore in most cases you will not need to sign paperwork to allow your other doctors to share this information with your ACC team. 

Once your new patient appointment is scheduled our Health Information Management team will begin gathering records from the doctors, hospitals, imaging centers, and other providers that you have told your Scheduler about. If we are unable to locate the provider or need to confirm information with you to be sure that we are contacting the correct facility, a team member will contact you by phone or email (if you have authorized email communication).

Certain types of records are considered especially sensitive and if that information is needed in order to treat you, Austin Cancer Center staff will contact you to ask you to authorize that information to be shared. For example, we may need to obtain your signed authorization before another office can send us information pertaining to genetic testing or certain infectious diseases.

Why is it taking so long/Why are you having trouble getting my records?

 There are a few common reasons that it may take longer for us to get records from your other doctors. In these cases we may need to get additional information from you, or we may need to ask you to assist in the process by calling the outside office to have them send records to us.

  • Veteran’s Affairs (VA) records and images take longer to obtain & often require the patient’s signed authorization. If you would like assistance with this just let your Scheduler know and a Health Information Management team member will contact you. 
  • The other office or hospital might require your authorization first. This is common with records that are coming from another state. 
  • The outside office may have trouble locating you in their system due to name changes. Please let our Scheduling team know if the name on your insurance card is different from the name on your photo ID, if you’ve changed your name within the last 5 years, or if you used a middle name, shortened name, or nickname at another doctor’s office.

What if you can’t get my other records in time?

If we are unable to obtain complete records at least two days before your appointment, Health Information Management will contact the outside doctor’s office to let them know that records are needed urgently. At the same time we will alert your Austin Cancer Center team. We do everything we can to prevent re-scheduling but if necessary, Scheduling or clinic staff will contact you to re-schedule.


Release of Information

How to request copies of your own records, or to have them released to another person, company or medical office.

How would you like to request your records?

Complete a signed authorization

Print & complete a written authorization form.
Be sure to include the appointment date/deadline on your request form so that we can ensure records are released in plenty of time.

You can return the completed form to us

  • By fax: 512-334-2702, attn: Release of Information
  • By email: Email a PDF copy of the completed form to
  • By mail: Austin Cancer Centers, attn.: Release of Information

P.O. Box 2536

San Antonio, TX 78299-2536

  • In person: Drop off your completed form at the ACC clinic nearest you & ask them to forward it to Release of Info.

By Portal Message 

Send a new Portal message using the “Medical records question” or “Request my records” message types.

You can log into your portal account here: Austin Cancer Center patient portal

When you send a portal message to request records please let us know what types and date ranges of the records you need, as well as how you want them delivered to you.

Portal messages are monitored daily but not continuously. Sometimes portal messages may not receive a response the same day, so please do not use portal messages for urgent matters.

Request online 

If your request is not urgent & you can wait at least 5 days for records to be released, you can complete a HIPAA-compliant authorization online that will be processed by our Release of Information partner Healthmark Group.

Register and complete your non-urgent request at Healthmark Group’s website here.

If you already placed your request through Healthmark you can get status updates from them by

HealthMark Group fulfills all patient requests for personal copies at no charge to the patient. A complimentary copy of your record will be made available through HealthMark Group’s website, First time users are required to register for an account before accessing the website.

You may also submit a request electronically to HealthMark Group by registering for an account at Once logged in, you may select Submit Request from the menu options and enter all required fields to submit an authorization to HealthMark Group directly. HealthMark Group will process your medical record request and provide notification via mail or email once complete. A complimentary copy of your record will be made available for you to download through HealthMark Group’s MedRelease 360 website.

You can also ask your outside medical provider’s office to fax a request for records directly to us at 512-334-2702, attn.: Release of Info.
• This is usually the fastest way for records to get to your other providers.
• Please ask them to request records a few days before they will be needed & to include the due date/appointment date so that records arrive in plenty of time.

Provider-to-provider releases

Austin Cancer Center outsources the majority of our release of information process to HealthMark Group. Please fax or email your request to Austin Cancer Center’s HIM department (512-334-2702, attn: Release of Info or

Your request will be placed in queue for HealthMark staff upon receipt. Most provider-to-provider releases are processed within 2 business days.

HealthMark Group will fax or email you a one-page download notification letter once records are ready. Use the access code on the notification letter to download records from HealthMark Group’s website, First time users are required to register for an account before accessing the website.



Release of Info FAQ

Q: When will you send my records?

A: If the request includes a deadline, records will be sent prior to the stated deadline. If the request does not include a deadline it will be processed in the order it was received, and all requests are processed within 15 business days of receipt. 

Q: How will you send my records?

A: We will use the release method that you specify on your request.

The release methods we use are

  • PDF records via e-mail, secure download, or on CD
  • Fax
  • Paper copies
  • DICOM images (PET/CT scans) on CD

Please note that not all kinds of records can be released through the portal at this time.

As of November 2019 in-house lab results, after-visit summaries and certain results for imaging ordered by your ACC provider are released to your portal automatically once the provider has reviewed them.

Most other record types cannot be sent directly to your portal account yet, but we are actively working to add more types of records to the patient portal.

If you requested records through the portal that cannot be released that way just yet Health Information Management staff will work with you to ensure that you receive those as quickly as possible using your preferred alternate method. 

Q: Can I pick up copies myself?

A: Absolutely! When submitting your request, please let us know where you prefer to pick up your records. Once the copies are ready, staff will contact you to schedule the pickup. 

Please allow at least 5 business days for processing, and be sure to bring your photo ID when you pick up your records.

Q: How do I find out the status of my request?

A: The best way to check on the status of your request is to send a “medical record question” portal message or email Please include the patient’s name and date of birth when emailing.

Q: I would like records sent to more than one recipient. Do I have to make more than one request?

A: This depends on the method you are using. If you are sending a form please use one form per recipient. If you are emailing, calling, or sending a portal message just be sure to include the name and contact information of each recipient.

Q: How quickly will you return my phone call?

A: Due to the large volume of requests and inquiries some calls may not be returned until the following business day.

Q: Why am I receiving calls from Release of Information?

A: Sometimes a little bit more information is needed in order to be sure that the request is processed accurately. To ensure your privacy is protected and that the release contains everything needed, Release of Information staff may contact you. This happens most often with requests via telephone/voicemail and by portal message.

Because we take your privacy seriously we will never guess or assume information. We will always reach out to you if additional information is needed in order to process your request.

Q: Why does your mailing address say San Antonio instead of Austin?

A: Our postal mail goes to a central P.O. Box and is forwarded to the appropriate departments in Austin and the surrounding areas. 

Q: Have I filled this out right?

A: If you would like assistance in completing any of the forms mentioned on this page please call, email, or send us a portal message and an HIM staff member will assist you within 2 business days.



Patient Portal questions

Patients with an existing portal account can log into your portal account here:  Austin Cancer Center patient portal

If you do not have a portal account yet please call our main patient services number 512-505-5500 to sign up.

For help using the patient portal please email


How to report an error or discrepancy in your medical records

We understand that quality care requires accurate, complete medical information. To report a possible error or discrepancy in your medical records please download and complete a Request for Amendment form. 

You can return the completed form to us

  • By fax: 512-334-2702, attn: Release of Information
  • By email: Email a PDF copy of the completed form to
  • By mail: Austin Cancer Center – Attn: Health Information Management

P.O. Box 2536

San Antonio, TX 78299-2536

  • In person: Drop off your completed form at the ACC clinic nearest you & ask them to forward it to the Privacy Officer.

You are encouraged to attach examples of the issue/document when sending in your forms. 

The reported error will be thoroughly researched, and you will receive a written update as well as a copy of the corrected document(s) if corrections are needed. 

Please note that this form is not to be used for routine demographic updates such as name or address changes, or to update your list of approved contacts. Front Office staff and Patient Services can assist with those types of routine updates. Call 512-505-5500 to speak with Patient Services or visit your ACC provider’s office to let us know of these routine changes. 


Privacy FAQ – Coming soon!

To report a privacy concern please email, or call 512-334-2898 and leave a voice message. All reported privacy concerns will receive a response within 2 business days.


FMLA and disability forms

Updates coming soon!