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Congratulations to our Austin Top Doctors of 2019

We are thrilled to congratulate our Austin Top Doctors, Radiation Oncologists Dr. Ghafoori and Dr. Rivera. It makes us proud to call them our colleagues and we know this recognition is well deserved. Great work team!   Read more ›

Posted by | September 13

Supplements for Cancer Patients-Tumeric the Spice of Life

Learn how to incorporate turmeric into your holistic care routine and how this powerhouse plant can benefit you during cancer treatments. Schedule an appointment with an alternative medicine physician today! Turmeric: The Spice of Life Read more ›

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Proper Diet and Nutrition for Cancer Patients

There are many diets out there, but cancer patients need specific nutrition to achieve a successful treatment. In this article, Dr. Matthew McCurdy explains the simplicity and effectiveness of the Anti-Inflammation Diet. As an Integrative Oncologist, Dr. McCurdy always recommends… Read more ›

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Integrative and Holistic Medicine for Cancer Patients Should Include Yoga-read why!

Dr. Matthew McCurdy, Austin Cancer Center’s Integrative Medicine Oncologist shares his passion for yoga with cancer patients and survivors. Holistic medicine and alternative medicine should include a healthy exercise routine, and yoga provides many benefits. Take a look at his… Read more ›

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HPV Vaccine Highly Recommended

About 9,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with cancers of the throat and mouth that may be caused by HPV every year, according to the CDC. Of those diagnosed, men are four times more likely to get them than… Read more ›

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Austin Cancer Center Improves Patient Scan Transfer Speed to 5 Minutes

.@AustinCancer Improves Patient Scan Transfer Speed To 5 Minutes @ATTBusiness — HITOutcomes (@HITOutcomes) April 14, 2016 To us, the Big C means Connected. With the help of AT&T Network on Demand, Austin Cancer Center connects physicians with important patient information… Read more ›

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Austin Cancer Center Gets Help from AT&T Network on Demand

To us, the Big C means Connected. Austin Cancer Center understands that a quick diagnosis is important to both physicians and patients, and by using AT&T’s Network on Demand, physicians are connected with patient scans in as little as 5… Read more ›

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Dr. Matthew McCurdy contributes to article “15 Things Cancer Doctors Do to Avoid Cancer”

These experts definitely practice what they preach. Austin Cancer Center’s very own radiation oncologist, Dr. Matthew McCurdy, has some tasty tips that he follows to stay healthy and cancer-free. You can make these simple changes to prevent cancer too. Read… Read more ›

Posted by | February 17

Dr. Matthew McCurdy Discusses Cancer Prevention

Dr. McCurdy offers five lifestyle changes you can make right now to reduce your risk of cancer, listen to the radio interview with Naturally Savvy below! Read more ›

Posted by | February 10

Obama asks Congress to approve $755M budget for cancer research

Watch the video here: Read more ›

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Dr. Matthew McCurdy discusses men’s health on KVUE

Men in Central Texas are teaming up to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues, read more here. Read more ›

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Dr. Matt McCurdy discusses Radiation Oncology in Austin Fit Magazine

Watch the video here! Read more ›

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Dr. Matthew McCurdy Discusses Brain Cancer on KXAN

With an estimated 22,000 new cases of brain cancer this year, 1,700 of those will be right here in Texas. Watch our very own Dr. Matthew McCurdy in the studio at KXAN talking about diagnosis, treatment, and a few other… Read more ›

Posted by | February 19

Austin Cancer Center’s Dr. Doug Rivera featured on KXAN’s Studio 512

A recent segment on KXAN’s Studio 512 features Dr. Doug Rivera, radiation oncologist and medical director of Austin CyberKnife and Austin Cancer Center, on Robotic Radiosurgery and the patient benefits of CyberKnife technology. Watch the segment here! Read more ›

Posted by | February 18

Austin Cancer Center’s Dr. Allison Gorrebeeck featured in Austin Family Magazine

Check out the latest issue of Austin Family Magazine where our very own Dr. Allison Gorrebeeck talks about lung cancer prevention for National Cancer Prevention Month. Read the full story here! Read more ›

Posted by | January 26

Community Impact discusses Austin Cancer Center’s Contribution to the Growing Medical Space in Kyle, Texas

A recent edition of the Community Impact for the Austin Metro Area features Daniel Busby, a Buda resident and patient at Austin Cancer Centers Kyle location, and how his story relates to the expected growth of medical space in Kyle… Read more ›

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Dr. Sanjay Vin Discusses Male Breast Cancer on KXAN

During breast cancer awareness month, most of the fundraising and awareness events focus on the women affected by the disease, but it’s important to remember that men can also be afflicted. According to the American Cancer Society, incidence of breast… Read more ›

Posted by | September 24

Dr. Ghafoori Shares Advantages of CyberKnife Technology on Studio 512

Austin Cancer Centers radiation oncologist Dr. Paiman Ghafoori appeared on KXAN’s Studio 512 this week to inform viewers about the advantages of CyberKnife technology in the treatment of prostate cancer. September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and the robotic radiosurgery… Read more ›

Posted by | August 29

Chemotherapy Drug Helps Metastatic Prostate Cancer

“Prostate patients whose cancer has spread beyond the prostate can increase their survival rate by almost a year and half, simply by introducing a chemotherapeutic drug at the onset of hormone therapy.” Check out medical oncologist Dr. Sanjay Vin’s full… Read more ›

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Colon Cancer Awareness

Dr. Sanjay Vin made an appearance on KXAN News to explain how colon cancer is diagnosed and treated. It is essential to be aware of the signs of colon cancer, as the disease rarely shows symptoms in its earliest stages.… Read more ›