George Bobustuc, MD

Board-Certified Cancer Specialist


Dr. Bobustuc is a board certified neurologist and fellowship trained and board certified neuro-oncologist.

Educational Background

My clinic practice focus is on primary brain and spinal cord tumors, brain metastatic disease and leptomeningeal disease and cancer related neurologic complications — including autoimmune disorders due to cancer.

I have spent the last seventeen years building two Neuro-Oncology programs, first, at what was then MD Anderson Cancer Center in Orlando, FL where I spent eight years and second at Aurora Cancer Care in Milwaukee, WI. I joined the Austin Cancer Centers as I think this is a unique opportunity for someone like me focusing to individualize all available evidence supported data into the care of every patient.

His patient care philosophy focuses on three pillars:
– building a partnership with each patient helping them know and feel that I treat them the same way I would like to be treated if I were in their shoes.
– incorporate all reasonable, evidence based, potential treatment modalities, in an individualized fashion, into the care or every patient.
– expanding on collaborative approaches with other specialties – radiation, medical oncology and naturopathic medicine – focusing on creating therapeutic synergisms as part of a holistic treatment approach.

What I Love About My Job

“My research interest focuses on understanding in what conditions DNA repair genes become oncogenic drivers. This area of research, short term, has direct, immediate, clinical implications in the way we re-think timing, dosing, and treatment density of radiation and immune (checkpoint blocker) therapy and chemotherapy-based combinations. Longerterm, this will allow us to design better combination treatments incorporating signaling and cell-cycle modulators together with radiation and/or immune checkpoint blockers and chemotherapy in the treatment of solid tumor.”