Gregory Bell, MD

Board-Certified Radiologist

Interventional Radiology

Gregory Bell, MD, is a board-certified radiologist, specializing in interventional radiology and interventional and diagnostic oncology.

Educational Background

Dr. Bell earned his medical degree from Marshall University School of Medicine. He fulfilled his residency in radiology at West Virginia University and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Dr. Bell completed an internship at West Virginia University. He was a cardiovascular interventional radiology fellow at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

Research & Awards

Dr. Bell has won numerous awards, including Physician of the Month, June 2008 from St. David’s North Austin Medical Center and America’s top Doctors: The Best in American Medicine, 2003, 3rd Edition.

He is a member of professional societies such as American College of Radiology, Society of Nuclear Medicine, Society of Interventional Radiology, Travis County Medical Association, Radiological Society of North America and American Medical Association.

Dr. Bell has served many offices and committees, and is the current Chief Radiologist at Austin Cancer Center.

What I Love About My Job

Every day I am reminded that cancer is a diagnosis that affects not just the patient, but the whole family.  Personally, I have experienced this first hand with my family. As an interventional radiologist practicing interventional oncology, I feel privileged to be able to provide the most advanced radiological and interventional cancer care for our patients using an integrative and holistic team approach. I am constantly reminded how important it is to engage in this fight for our patients and their families using the best tools and technologies available at our disposal. At Austin Cancer Center, we are blessed to be able to provide such a service for our patients every day.


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