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Gerald Hagin, MD Joins Austin Cancer Center

| June 3, 2014

Dr. Gerald Hagin is a top Austin oncologist
Austin Cancer Centers is pleased to announce Dr. Gerald Hagin as the newest addition to its team of dedicated and talented physicians. Dr. Hagin, who brings over 30 years of experience in oncology and hematology to the practice, will serve as the chief physician for ACC’s Come Home program, an ambitious partnership between ACC and the federal government.

The Come Home program aims to change the face of Austin oncology by reducing the amount of time that patients spend receiving in-patient care. Dr. Hagin and the cancer centers’ team of Austin oncologists will facilitate this by providing patient care in the evening and on weekends, allowing patients to receive treatment at their convenience and avoid lengthy hospital stays.

Dr. Hagin’s diverse experience, proven leadership, and passion for his patients will make him an invaluable addition to the Austin Cancer Centers team. He and the Come Home program will ensure that ACC remains on the forefront of cancer treatment in Austin.