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Letter from Dr. Angel Rodriguez

Hoss Walters | April 8, 2020

Dear valued patient,

It is with mixed emotions that I am announcing that I am leaving Austin Cancer Center effective April 17, 2020.  I have accepted a medical director position at Natera, a company that specializes in detecting small quantities of cancer DNA in the blood.  As such, I will not be providing direct patient care services.  It has been an honor and privilege being your physician and I thank you for the trust you have placed in me. 

My decision to leave Austin Cancer Center is due to a great opportunity that I was offered by Natera to work with a technology that I am passionate about.  While working at Natera I will be able to help present and future patients at a more global level.  

I have taken the liberty of assigning your future cancer care to one of my colleagues, Drs. Alka Mallik, Adham Jurdi, Brian Shimkus, and Ben Downie, and Nurse Practitioner Courtney Gibson, in whom I have full confidence to continue to deliver great care to you. 

If you would like to see me before my last day, please call to make an appointment.  If you prefer, I will also be available to talk to you over the phone on Friday afternoons. 

I will miss you and my colleagues and although I will not be providing direct patient care, know that I will continue to fight for you and our loved ones affected with cancer.  Your legacy drives me each and every day to increase cancer cure rates.

Best, Angel Rodriguez, MD